Thursday, July 7, 2016

So little time...

4 Weeks Na Lang

We had exchanges this week. They went really good! I'm so grateful for this calling, at times I still feel inadequate but it's so rewarding to help others, even in just a little way. I hope and pray I will always be worthy and in tune with the Spirit to know the things I must do to help others.

The mom of some recent converts came to church yesterday! That was her first time. Another older investigator came to church!! She's the blind one. We went and picked her up at her house. She really enjoyed it but she is still really confused. I see Satan working on her but I know as she continues to exercise her faith she will be able to receive the answers and comfort she needs. I love her so much!! I'm gonna miss them... I'm just so grateful I met them and have gotten to know them. They have changed my life for the better and now I will never be the same. :)

Yesterday was my first emotional day. Cause the elders gave me your card and then that just started it all hahahaha I just realized that it's actually happening. I'm so scared. I'm really excited though of course to see you.. it's just a lot of mixed feelings! I'm sorry if I'm awkward when I get home, I hope and pray ya’ll will be patient with me!

I’m so grateful for you and the way you raised me. I'm so grateful for our family and how close we are. Cause so many families don't have that here. They struggle even just saying I love you. Thank you for teaching me how to love others and how to show it as well. Next fast sunday.. I will be there ;);)

5 Weeks

All of our weeks are just booked!! I just keep hoping and praying I will be able to do all the Lord would have me do in this area for these last few weeks. I just want to help everyone but I know I am just one person and can only do so much. For the things I can't do on my own.. I'm grateful for a loving Savior who always makes up for the things I lack.

I'm kind of feeling pressure and the discouragement of Satan but I'm still so good and so happy. Once I'm at working and teaching this beautiful gospel I forget all of the bad things and the things that make me nervous. I can't wait to just hug you!! It's been a long 17 months without my mama's hug!!

6 Weeks

This week was A LOT better! Still kinda crazy cause we had the specialized training with President and Sister Rahlf. They taught about the Atonement... which of course, learned so much again. And then they gave us their "10 souvenirs" for us. So like 10 things for us to remember when we go home. It was like their going away speech. It was super sad. And then they cut all the elders ties and a handkerchief of the sisters for a quilt they will be making. I'm sure going to miss them but I know we will see them again!

Well we found out this morning that my companion will be the one transferring. We were all kinda shocked... So yeah I'll "die" (that's what they call it in your last cycle in the mission) here in Santiago. I'm really happy. I'm happy to still see these cuties here in Santiago and happy I don't have to pack all me things only to repack again in a few weeks.

I've learned lots this week. I feel like the Lord has so much to teach me still! And maybe sometimes I just don't quite get it so He teaches me again ;) I re read the talk about President Uchtdorf - Heavenly Father loves us so much. And no matter how far from perfect we are or strayed from the path, He is always willing to take us back. And through Him and the Atonement of Jesus Christ they can mold us into something better than we could on our own. I'm so grateful for this mission of mine. I love it. I'm not ready to leave it.. so good thing I have 6 more weeks to be ready ;) But of course it will be so good and so sweet to finally be home.

 7 Weeks

Yeah there's only one more fast Sunday without me.. you guys just need to party while you can without me ;) haha. I only have one more planner and one more calendar to print off.. it's so weird mom! I just never thought this day would come. I can't really express what I'm feeling even though I'm sure you already kinda know! I'm pretty sure I'll transfer but we will know by next monday and then the following wednesday is transfer day. The ward is literally fasting for me not to transfer.. I'm like uhhhh pretty sure that's not exactly a righteous purpose ;) hahaha but they are so cute, Gosh I'm sure gonna miss them here. It's so hard.

We all can't get through life on our own. That's why Heavenly Father gave us a Savior. To help us and lift us and sometimes even carry us when we just can't do it anymore. I've felt His loving and lifting hands in my life and in my mission. I know He lives and this is His gospel. I'm so excited for the next 7 weeks to just share this with everyone!

8 Weeks

This week has been somethin else. I guess it's true what they say when everything's going good... just wait. Haha. It's had its good parts too! MLC was of course just a spiritual feast. They talked a lot about how we need to sustain the new president when he comes in. The moment he's here we need to change our loyalty to him and not to President Rahlf. Interviews were super good! Of course they just made me cry... I've learned so much from President and Sister Rahlf and didn't know how close I would get to them. Sister Rahlf had all the missionaries pick 3 words that describe us and then we wrote a sign and she took pictures of us.. the 3 words could be like adjectives or like a phrase. I chose "On His Errand" 

Yeah it's super hot haha. I think I'm kind of used to it? Used to being hot all the time. It will be interesting to feel the change. We went jogging this morning and it was a little cooler because it rained last night (shocker). But just 20 minutes and I'm a pool of sweat. It's just so humid. Also… I'm going to make that Alfredo you sent me on Wednesday for the sisters we have exchanges with. :) Sometimes people call me Mama Ethington.. haha but I'll take it.

9 Weeks Na Lang

This week has been really good!! It's been raining like crazy but we still just try to take advantage of every moment and also help those in need. But it's like no big deal to these people.. ya got kids just rollin around in the gutters and showering in the rain and puddles with no clothes on.. hahaha whaattt. Hopefully they don't get sick! One of our investigators was baptized and it was the best!! I think I say that about every baptism ;) But like a month or so ago, he quit his job cause it was just super hard on him and so he's been trying to find a job for the past month. And he just barely got one last week! Which we know was a blessing from the Lord because sometimes it's really hard to find a job here! But the only catch was his orientation was in Cauayan and the day of his baptism! Until 6pm. His baptism was supposed to be at 5:00 but asked if we could have it at 6:30 instead. Of course we said yes! And then about 5 o clock rolls around and the heavens decided to pour buckets on the Philippines. They texted and asked if it was still on because of the rain and we said yes! So we went to the church and set up everything not really knowing if everything would turn out. But we just said a prayer that if it was the will of Heavenly Father for him to be baptized that everything would work out and sure enough, it did! He was only a little late. His testimony after was so pure and humble. I've learned a lot from him. It's not important about how much we know or how skilled we are as a human, what matters is our desire to follow our Savior Jesus Christ. And as long as every day we strive to be like Him and to be better than we were yesterday, that's what counts!

I'm doing really good! Lots of miracles, lots of challenges, lots of smiles and laughter and some tears as well. But I wouldn't change it for anything! It's the best.

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